May 24, 2021


卫塞节的由来 卫塞节(Wesak Day) 也被称为「佛陀日」。「卫塞」是指月圆日的意思。这是一个特别的日子,因为这个节日不只为了纪念一件事。它纪念佛教伟大的导师—释迦牟尼佛诞生、成道以及涅槃,三大圣事的节日。这一天,国内外许多佛教会或佛教团体皆悬挂佛教旗帜,通过佛法开示、诵经、布施、研讨会、佛教文物展览等活动,促进佛教的团结、促使佛教徒行善、修福修慧,并铭记佛陀一生弘法利生的崇高德行。
May 19, 2021

Courage & strength of character

How did we last respond to being blamed or faulted?  How did we last respond to admonishment from our elders and teachers?  We abhor moments when our ideas and work are “threatened” and we usually respond with aversion and anger […]
May 18, 2021

The joy of relinquishment

“So it is, Ananda.  Even I myself, before my Awakening, when I was still an unawakened Bodhisatta, thought : ‘Renunciation is good. Seclusion is good.’  But my heart didn’t leap up at renunciation, didn’t grow confident, steadfast, or firm, seeing […]
May 17, 2021

Bodhisatta Gotama – The epitome of Courage

“Before my Enlightenment, when I was still an unenlightened Bodhisatta, the thought occurred to me: ‘Household life is crowded and dusty, life gone forth is wide open.  It isn’t easy, while living in a home, to lead the holy life […]
May 17, 2021

Riding the waves of impermanence

“Everything together falls apart. Everything rising up collapses. Every meeting ends in parting. Every life ends in death.” – Udāna Vagga 1.22   In times of crisis, distressing emotions are aroused by impending danger to our safety, health, security, honour, […]
May 16, 2021

Unravelling the fear of death

Lessons from the Abhaya Sutta Fear is a powerful primitive emotion.  This universal biochemical response alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm, both physical and psychological.  Fear can be so strong that it can be […]
April 29, 2020

Who is the Buddha?

The Buddha (more specifically, the Sakyamuni Buddha) is the greatest being ever to have existed in the history of mankind.  Born as Prince Siddhattha Gotama, heir to the throne of the ‘Sakya Clan’ in 623 BCE, He relinquished the luxuries of […]
April 28, 2020

The significance of Buddha Day

Buddha Day commemorates the Enlightenment of the Buddha – His liberation from ignorance and suffering.  This event took place on the full-moon day in the lunar month of Vesakhā, which falls between April and May in our conventional calendar.  Thus, according […]