Coming back to physical Dhamma programmes

For the past two years, we have been able to continue learning Dhamma within the confines of pandemic restrictions, due to the availability of on-line programmes, retreats and talks.  Now that we are entering the endemic phase of Covid-19 and our daily activities resume back into a societal context, we asked participants of Nalanda Institute’s course, why they have chosen to attend the physical classes and how they have benefitted from it.


Looking after my bedridden mother-in-law

In the unlikeliest times, we are able to see and realise Dhamma if we face challenges with positivity and determination.  Sis. Pauline Choong relates how she and her family came together to support and care for her mother-in-law who was suffering from the late stages of colon cancer.  When she recollected the Buddha’s words, she remained calm and determined to carry out this task of love.


“When your body is sick, don’t let your mind be sick.”

Bro. Chan Chee Woh had always kept a healthy lifestyle because he believed that when we look after ourselves, things will not fall apart.  Without any sign or warning, he was stricken with a heart attack and experienced great anxiety because he was extremely worried for his wife and children.  He recollects how the Dhamma had helped and calmed him down, a factor which is crucial for our bodily health.

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I was diagnosed with Covid-19

“It could happen to any of us at any time, and it did happen to me.” Sis Pei Qi shares her story about the time she had Covid-19 and how she got through that difficult period with Dhamma. She talks about overcoming her negative feelings such as anxiety and offers some useful tips for anyone facing challenges in life.