“Happy Mind Happy Life 2”

Nalanda Dhamma School presents you our virtual class using Stop Motion App.  The theme for this year’s project is “Happy Mind Happy Life 2”.  We aim to promote some strategies on how to overcome distracting thoughts and develop a focused mind.

Have a look at our videos, explore and learn something new.  CLICK ON THE PICTURE and enjoy your visit!

“Staying focused”

Most of the time people can be distracted by a past memory, a future event or mental desires.  By training our mind, we can better stay in the present moment and identify the nature of our distractions.

“Overcoming distracting thoughts”

Applying skilful strategies to deal with distracting thoughts is important to keep our mind calm and positive.  With more frequent practice, we come to know how to tame our monkey mind.  A well-trained mind is conducive to happiness.

“Why me?”

Complaining and blaming others for the suffering that we are experiencing has become our natural coping mechanism when we face problems.  Adopt a wiser attitude to deal with our challenges so that it does not lead to any harm to oneself and others.

“Trouble with sleep? ”

A sleep deficit can make us feel lethargic and can impact our physical and mental well-being.  By having a healthy sleeping habit, it allows our body and mind to recharge, leaving us refreshed when we wake up.

“Trouble with addiction? ”

An addiction is a compulsive behaviour that displays a lack of self-control.  No matter the type of addiction, it is important to recognise warning signs and seek help if necessary.

“Feeling lonely? ”

Loneliness may be caused by the lack of self-esteem and self-love; or the fear of being alone.  If we want to overcome this kind of feeling in us, we need to learn to observe our loneliness with equanimity.

The Buddha and Me ”

The Buddha is a great teacher to all Buddhists.  His inspiring qualities have brought great benefits to many beings.  Let’s watch this special production by Nalanda Junior Dhamma School to understand children’s understanding about the Buddha.